Menopausal Renaissance
Joy Puleo
Class 4672

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Wow! Exquisite! I'm menopausal but wasn't too anxious to take something called a menopausal class. I was thinking 'how challenging could it be?' But I saw the arc (I'm a sucker for anything with the arc)--and my, my. Now I'm lengthened, mobile, clear, and aware of my waning 'rebound' and leg strength. So thank you for that. I think. :)

Actually, I'm serious. Now I know, and knowledge is power to move in an enlightened direction! Thank you for a delightful, yummy AND badass class for any and all! I'll be coming back to this one, again!
I LOVE my barrel - this class was great more things to do on it !  Thanks so much
Ah, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Keep talking, we learn a lot (its not always a break) Felt safe doing the lunges. I know they are so important. Thanks PA and more for real menopausal and plus ladies.
Loved this class. Loved the exploration the free flow of movement - thank you Joy and Ladies you are all amazing and inspiring!
Really enjoyed the class. Important instructor can stay realistic and right sized
Amazing ladies doing this amazing class. Thanks so much Joy for these wonderful classes on the topic of menopause. Such a can do attitude love it. 
Great class. So interesting.
Great class.  Easy to follow 
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