Reformer for Menopause<br>Joy Puleo<br>Class 4670

Reformer for Menopause
Joy Puleo
Class 4670

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Jeffrie Ann C
Hi Joy! Thank you for this class, I was so happy to find you here! Please make some more videos! This class was just what my 66 yr old body needed. I love your style of teaching, cueing, and your explanations of what we are doing. I miss you and those days in Chappaqua.
I attended your January 2022 workshop and feel lucky to have stumbled upon this video. We need more of your videos on Pilates Anytime. Absolutely brilliant!
Thank you Joy what an enjoyable class! Those tips are going to be instantly applied. Without even mentioning a fantastic relief to my own worn out hip joint🙏
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I just want to say how great it is to see all of your comments. Stay mighty, stay strong, and looking forward to sharing more with all of you sometime soon! @jeffrie ann c and to all the students from NY and Connecticut who are finding these videos, it is so great to share with you again!!!! Looking forward to @WIN (What Is Next)...
Michele G
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Loved this workout Joy!  I appreciated the concept info that surrounded all of the movements.  My legs feel great!  I work on posture and rhomboids every time I practice but usually sitting on the box with feet on the headrest.  Straddling the box up'd the load considerably.  Thanks for all of it!
Janie J
Loved this class.  Great Info.
I really loved observing this class and appreciate the cueing. Thanks you.
This class felt amazing! Can't wait to try these ideas with my clients. Thank you for always pushing us out of sagittal plane only moves. I am getting ready for a total hip replacement surgery in one month and I struggle to find exercises that I can do to strengthen my lower body that is not too painful right now. This is exactly what I need! 
Thanks a lot I hope you do more with Reformer for menopause please it was great
Lisa C
This was so so good!  Thanks Joy :)
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