Strong Spine/Core Stability<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 4714

Strong Spine/Core Stability
Amy Havens
Class 4714

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Margo W
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I really love this class.  Ss detailed but deep work.  I hope there will be additions to increase the level challenge but keep it appropriate for aging or recovering bodies!
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This is a great class with progression and focus. This length of class has become my favorite as I find it fits easily in my day where a long class would not
Wendy K
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Thank you!  I learned so much about the importance of breath!!
Nora G
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Thank you, Amy, for your signature work in this class: precise, thoughtful and encouragement to push a little farther. Much stronger sense of back and abs.
Turid Dramé Katarina S Monica W Turid Dramé Maria P Maria P Gaia R  Thank you for all these wonderful comments!!
Margo W Michele M Wendy K Nora G  - thank you all so much for these positive comments and encouraging feedback!
Thank you, Amy! This was so so so needed! 
Rajashree Srirangarajan
Enjoying these routines! During sideline double leg lift do you first engage your sides by creating a mousehole?
Kelly T
Once again Amy, amazing class!!!!  I am amazed at how strong my core feels and how straight and elongated I feel!!! 
Astarie  G
I think you have the strong right side than the left side, right? Just to train my eyes😁 but i love your class. I always make it for my new client and they shiver hehehe
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