Free Your Spine
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4733

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Fantastic class. Such great teaching points on placement and breathing that I will certainly go over again with my students. Thank you!
Celina Thank you Celina for the feedback! 🙏🏼  
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Thank you for this! Tried the teaser class Saturday and now this today… hip flexors still want to take over so I need to work on that! 
Kerry H Thank you for letting me know. I'll work on something for the hip flexors 😉
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After a twelve hour car ride yesterday my spine thanks you. I love the deliberate pacing really feel in dormat body parts. I did this right after your magic circle class my one leg circle felt very connected. I appreciate the breath work in this class.
Cheryl Z Thank you for taking the classes and for the feedback Cheryl! 🙏🏼 I love finding the purpose in the exercises so that the body works deeper... 😉
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