Free Your Spine
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4733

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Fantastic class. Such great teaching points on placement and breathing that I will certainly go over again with my students. Thank you!
Celina Thank you Celina for the feedback! 🙏🏼  
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Thank you for this! Tried the teaser class Saturday and now this today… hip flexors still want to take over so I need to work on that! 
Kerry H Thank you for letting me know. I'll work on something for the hip flexors 😉
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After a twelve hour car ride yesterday my spine thanks you. I love the deliberate pacing really feel in dormat body parts. I did this right after your magic circle class my one leg circle felt very connected. I appreciate the breath work in this class.
Cheryl Z Thank you for taking the classes and for the feedback Cheryl! 🙏🏼 I love finding the purpose in the exercises so that the body works deeper... 😉
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Thanks. I really enjoyed this class. It was challenging but my body feels great
Kelly O Thank you for your feedback Kelly! Happy you like it
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Loved this one! Felt so great, especially the snake which you don’t see in too many classes. Thank you!
Marissa So happy! Everything is this mat builds up to the snake which is also one of my favorite exercises 😉 Thank you for your feedback!
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