Free Your Spine
Ilaria Cavagna
Class 4733

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Angela M Tamborello 🙌🏻 Wonderful Angela! Happy you like the class!
Saskia F You are very welcome. So happy it worked out! Thank you Saskia 🙏🏼
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Your workouts are so engaging, time really flies. Great to return to some of these classic moves as part of a unique flow.  Thanks so much, Ilaria!
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Thank you so much! I will repeat this one. So, good for my spine.
Lisa V Happy you like the class. When time flies, that's a good sign 😜 
Thank you for joining the class Lisa
Laura B 🙌🏻 I think repeating is great because the body can go deeper in the work. Glad your spine likes it 😉
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Amazing sequence!!! Loved every minute of it!
Oriele B Wonderful! thanks Oriele 🙏🏼
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What a wonderful class and I feel so elongated. Thank you very much 
Melissa W That's great! Thank you for taking the class 😉
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