Get Hip Functional Movement
Amy Havens
Class 4717

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Do this class when you want to revisit your hamstring and glute strength.  Keep in mind sometimes you need to try a movement a few times before the nervous system brings all the muscles to the act.  Great review of the hip hinge and lunge and why to do these moves we leave in these on the bottom of the intentionality "to-do" pile.
I feel like my understanding of how my hips work has increased so much after taking this class! I’m a couple months postpartum, and this was wonderful for helping me reengage some muscles that hadn’t been functioning as well as they could have.
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Hi Sharon C Viola S Rebecca W Allison O Thank you so much for the positive feedback on this class, thank you for being here!
Sharon C S Maria P Amy A Sama J Cynthia G   Thank you for taking class with me and leaving me positive comments!!  I appreciate you all!
Gurveen B Sharon C Terrip88* Sofie van der Sommen thank you for being here everyone and yes Gurveen B  - these can be safe for hip replacements.  You can also dialogue with me separately, I sent you a DM.  
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