Barrework<br>David McMahan<br>Class 4743

David McMahan
Class 4743

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Wonderful to see you teaching on PA David. Really enjoyed your flow. 
Fletcher Barre always amazes me what a full body cardio workout it is! Get your sweat on!! Thank you.
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Luisa P ~ You might have over-rotated which can cause knee pain. I recommend trying a less turned-out position to see if that feels better for you. Also, make sure that your knees are tracking in line with your toes as that can help with knee pain as well. 
Michele M
That was beautiful and intuitive movement.  I feel taller already, great hip openings and total body practice.  Thank you for sharing David!:) 
what is the philosophy about this kind of breathing? is it Fletcher´s or did Pilates teach it, too? thanks for answering from whoever knows the answer!
Thank you David  for this beautiful class !
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