Present Moment Awareness<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 4874

Present Moment Awareness
Regina Santos
Class 4874

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Loved it!
Regina Santos
Anita P Oh Thank you so much for working out with me! I'm so happy it resonates with you :) 
Abby C
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This was a great class flow! I felt long and strong after and I’m going to use some of these movements in classes that I teach.
Cass H
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I really appreciated your drawing my attention to the two way stretch repeatedly.  Pilates is so wonderful, especially when someone as wise as you provides the guidance.  thank you
Regina Santos
Cass H aw thanks for the note - aren't you a doll. thank you for working out with me and I'm so happy you found it useful! Yes, the work is truly wonderful - I hope to hear how you like the progressions of the series :) 
Regina Santos
Abby C wonderful, thank you for working out with me - I hope to hear from you regarding the rest of the series and that you find it all useful! 
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