Unburdening the Shoulder<br>Carla Mullins<br>Tutorial 4872

Unburdening the Shoulder
Carla Mullins
Tutorial 4872

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Carla Mullins
Dimitrina G that is so good to hear. I  have some fun ideas to build on this  coming in the wunda wobble class . I hope it helps with  the shoulders as well
Very interesting , thank you so much 😊
Carla Mullins
Elisabeth Pantelidou I think you will also enjoy the wishing you well series in the reformer when it comes out next month.  The three workouts I have shared are a progression on each other that i would give to clients over the course of a year as part of building shoulder strength and balance. I hope you enjoy
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Beautiful work, Carla and Josh! Excellent class on P/A for shoulder ROM and gradual load. The studio looks fabulous too, Carla. I can not wait to do the next class on the reformer, next month. Huge thank you for this opportunity on Pilates Anytime to learn with Carla on such important topic for many clients.
Just fantastic work. Thank you so much Carla and Josh. I have some tendonitis in my elbow but thinking now it might be from the shoulder. Anyway this felt so good and was so informative! Lovely work...
Carla Mullins
I have 2 dodgy shoulders and they feel so much better after doing this - I love checking the rom after each exercise - you can really see and feel the difference.  I will be using these exercises on my clients as well - it's great to have some shoulder homework exercises for them :)
Carla Mullins
@Leonie C glad to hear this helped.  I have really been playing with shoulders a lot in the last few years. It seems such a common issue and I have had to work very hard to find homework ideas that are achievable.   I have been playing with some lovely additions to the program for progressions. If you have any additions would love to know
Thank you, Carla, for this amazing class. Looks simple and easy but does make me feel my triceps and glutes!  I can't wait to try this with wunda chair . 
Carla Mullins
Jieun Y  your welcome, and love that you felt all in the right places. Hope you enjoy the sneaky pleasure of the wunda chair class as well.

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