Dynamic Traditional Mat<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 4934

Dynamic Traditional Mat
Monica Wilson
Class 4934

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Amazing class, thank you.
Carrie M
I felt like I was watching someone else get a private lesson but was too fast to follow well and very little in the way of  cues for me. 
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Monica is more of a motivational style instructor.  I'm not really a power mover but I caught on with the swift return to upright in mermaid.  Made this usually langurous exercise fun and punchy!
Paula A
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what a workout! So challenging but fun!
Monica Wilson
Hi Paula, So glad you enjoyed this class! It’s one of my favorites. Monica:)
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Great workout! Challenged me for sure.
Angela D
Loved this workout.  Great pace, excellent cues.  Will definitely repeat this!
Monica Wilson
Hi Angela, So glad you enjoyed this workout! 
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