Osteoporosis and Exercise<br>Sherri Betz<br>Discussion 4969

Osteoporosis and Exercise
Sherri Betz
Discussion 4969

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Thank you Sherri what a great presentation. I gained so much useful information from you. Love the studies and the way you presented them. Following up with the work you did with your mom was a perfect addition to the previous video. And thank you to Pilates anytime for having this available.
Sherri Betz
Evelyn I don't include bench press since it is performed in supine and does not have direct loading effects on the hip or spine.  It is a great exercise which I think can be done safely with a spotter.  However, I would not recommend a barbell bench press for a client at home alone for which they would have to have a bench and a rack.  There just aren't enough tangible benefits to make them purchase all that equipment to use at home.  I think a Push Up is a much better choice, activates trunk control and core musculature, and essentially works the same muscles as a bench press.  
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A very thoughtful and informative presentation.  Thank you, Sherri, for taking all of these studies and presenting them to us in comprehensible and applicable ways.  I am getting on my reformer now and doing #3129 since so many of the non-weight bearing high force exercises are included there.  I went down to 2.5 springs on footwork years ago due to bad knees, but I think I need to increase that to get to fatigue in 10 reps.  
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Sherri, I went looking for classes #7463, 7464, and 7465 that you mention, but those numbers are beyond where Pilates Anytime classes are.  Can you help?
Sherri Betz
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Hi Cynthia E, I think that I was given the incorrect class numbers for the "future" classes I was mentioning:  The Reformer Jumpboard class is actually Class #4966 "Bone Building and Knee Pain"  where I worked with a young gymnast.  Swimming and Breaststroke on the Reformer was taught in Class #4965 "Bone-Building Reformer."  Thoracic Extension has been addressed in an early class where I worked with Amy Havens in Class #2038 and Hyperkyphosis was the focus with an older adult, Peggy, in Classes #4963 and #4967.  Thanks for asking!  Glad to clear this up!
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Cynthia E ~ All of the classes mentioned are linked in the description to make them easy for you to find. I hope you enjoy them!
Sherri Betz
Gia Calhoun thanks for letting her know about the links!
Thank you Sheri! This is great info for an upcoming Osteoporosis Workshop that I am preparing for our clients.
Thank yo so much for all your efforts and sharing in a very easy to digest way . I have a client that has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I feel a lot more confident now and reassured of how to go about programming for her . I look fwd to try out all of your classes I just watched all your mat variations a modifications .
Thanks again.
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