Osteoporosis Assessment<br>Sherri Betz<br>Tutorial 4937

Osteoporosis Assessment
Sherri Betz
Tutorial 4937

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That makes total sense! I appreciate you answering  my question.  BTW, I started an Active Aging program because of your videos. I didn’t have enough confidence beforehand but thanks to you, I have had the courage to try. You have made SUCH a difference in the lives of my sweet older clients. I can’t begin to thank you enough….
Sherri Betz
Christine H up have no idea how thrilled I am that you feel empowered to work with older adults!  They need you!  Thank you so much for the positive feedback…best of luck with your program!  Can you send me your location and details so that I can send people your way?
Of course! I teach in a small studio in Virginia Beach called Dawn Pilates. We take only 6 students in any class so we can give more individualized attention. I teach the Active Aging class there twice a week and in addition to doing reformer work with them, focus primarily on the exercises important for seniors to do regularly. We do heel raises, balance exercises, lunges and hinges every class! I add in bounces on the BOSU for cardio. I have several women with osteoporosis and desperately want to see their bone density improve. 
Sherri, Is it unusual to get a mid-thoracic kyphosis result of 4.34? I feel confident I did the math right but my graph looks so different I just want to be sure. Thoracic width = 1 cm, thoracic length = 23 cm. Before I do everyone in the Active Aging Pilates class I wanted to double check. (I used my own back and had my chiropractor mark my back for me.)
Sherri Betz
Christine H yes, your math is correct.  For someone who has very small outward kyphosis in the thoracic spine, that is a common score.  
Valentina B
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Hi Sherri, 
Thank you very much for this fantastic tutorial.
The tests and measuraments are also valid for people a little younger (57/67 years old)? 

In addition, which is the normal and clinical range for the occiput to wall distance test? 

Thanks so much.

Sherri Betz
Hi Valentina B,
According to Antonelli-Incalze in 2007, the age range was applied to adults age 65 and older. A zero distance is normal or optimal and anything greater than 2cm is abnormal. Over 6.5 centimeters OWD is consistent with severe hyperkyphosis and increases the likelihood of underlying thoracic vertebral compression fractures.
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