High Intensity Reformer 1<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 4977

High Intensity Reformer 1
Maria Leone
Class 4977

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Angela V
always new ideas and flows and also looking forward to next ! Thank you Maria!
Loved it. TY! will look for class 2.
Loved this flow!!
This was great! I loved the quick high intensity class - Just what I wanted today!

Looking forward to doing the other class soon! 
Great always by Maria - I liked the quad stretch at the beginning and adding the twist onto the hug a tree also liked the bicep tricep combo and the abs with the straps on the legs dang that single leg stretch is hard!!! 
Just what my body needed today. I love your classes & teaching style. Thank you so much 
John B
These 20min classes are a perfect start to the day  ! 
Shona Croft
These are the BEST when I’m short of time I’ve done them again and again x
Sue S
What are your springs for this? Neat workout!
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