Reflective, Alert Mind<br>Regina Santos<br>Class 5156

Reflective, Alert Mind
Regina Santos
Class 5156

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Good and challenging class.  Great cueing on finding the two-way stretch - really helped me do the exercises with better form.  Thank you.
Regina Santos
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback and for your presence Kim C ! I hope to hear from you again soon! 
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wonderful class, feeling energised!! xx

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It was a great class. Thank you Regina.
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Thanks Regina for that two-way stretch! I feel lengthend and energized.
Regina Santos
Norita Melitab wonderful! Thanks for working out with me - Looking forward to hearing about your experience with the rest of the series! Keep shining! 
Regina Santos
Veronica Fabulous! Thanks for working out with me! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series and look forward to hearing more about your experience :) 
Excellent class - I loved the detailled instruction and cuing! Looking foward to the next class!
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