Dynamic Full-Body Class<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 5110

Dynamic Full-Body Class
Tom McCook
Class 5110

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Patricia J, Thank you for your thoughtful, clear and inspiring feedback!! Be well and enjoy!!🤗🙏
Wonderful class Tom!
I love your cues and the flow!  Props were perfect together!
Thank you so much!
Judy G
Judy G , I appreciate your great feedback, thank you!!
Great session Tom McCook loved Saw modification. Thank you!
Yes, I echo what many have said about Tom’s tuition. He has a very pleasant, easy manner - with a little bit of humour. His understanding is clearly profound. I just need to get some Franklin balls and not rely on tennis balls! Thanks, Ray
Great class, Tom - I always look for unique movements from instructors and you never disappoint.  Special take-aways:  that standing T position hip release & incorporating the circle at the skull while adding the oblique turns 👍🏼 Thanks!
Really enjoyed this class, Tom... goes to show you don't have to go fast to feel the work! Heading out to zydeco dance tonight so this was perfect for organizing feet/knees/hips/spine and pushing oxygen through as well.
Kim T
That was lovely and just what I needed to restart my Pilates journey!
Gayle S
Thank You Tom!
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