Posture Plus Mat Class<br>Sally Anderson<br>Class 5151

Posture Plus Mat Class
Sally Anderson
Class 5151

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Sally Anderson
Julia R Thank you so much! A lovely message to get as I wake up this morning 😍 It's so great to be back @PA and I hope you like the next classes too... 
Can you substitute a regular soft foam roller for the arc?
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that was lovely thank you

Sally Anderson
Jacqueline L You are so welcome 🙏 I'm delighted you enjoyed it.
Cynthia G
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Great work out.  Can you use the Pilates baby arc?
Feel really long and free.  Thanks (especially yo Jane:))
Sally Anderson
Cynthia G Thank you for lovely feedback. Yes, use the Baby Arc. They are larger than the Posture Arcs so range is slightly different, but definitely still useful. Foam Rollers and half rollers also good .. it's just the prone exercises over the arc that these rollers aren't great for. Thanks to Jane from me too! 
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Lovely class Sally, thanks very much! I used a small deflated Pilates ball and a yoga block and it worked fine. Would love to see you more on PA, you have a wonderful teaching style. Best wishes, Silvia :)
Sally Anderson
Silvia P Thank you for your lovely message and I love your use of props for the class - perfect! I'll keep coming back to PA for as long as they'll let me 😉.. in the meantime, here's a link to more of my classes on PA if you want to try others. Happy holidays and thanks again for your kind words and wishes 🤗    LINK
Claudia K
I just love this class. 
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