Pilates with a Hand Towel<br>Kira Lamb<br>Class 5144

Pilates with a Hand Towel
Kira Lamb
Class 5144

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Loved this class!
Loved the towel work and excellent teaching style. Thank you
I enjoyed the connections that the towel encouraged. The cues were clear. The reminders were super helpful.
Fun Class - completely different from what I've been doing. As they say - a change is as good as a rest. 
Julie Lloyd
This was amazing, thank you. My shoulders and lungs feel open and strong. Your instruction is brilliant, so good, thank you again.
My shoulders, upper back and chest needed this. Ahh thank you!!
Very nice class, thanks Kira! I really like how you used towel as a prop and modified some traditional exercises, well done!
Velma Davis-Wheeler
Thank you Kira, another great class. 
I look forward to using some of the pilates with a  towel movements for clients with weak abdominals and hypomobile thoracic spine.
Excellent! Loved it.
Deborah H
I like the exercise but I found it too fast for a beginner. I’ll have to watch a few times and then try to follow along talking and moving to fast to keep up with for me.
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