What is Pilates?<br>Kristi C. & Maria L.<br>Discussion 5279

What is Pilates?
Kristi C. & Maria L.
Discussion 5279

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Colette C
I’m a little late to the party, but absolutely loved this conversation! Thank you so much for providing a great opportunity to discuss the difference between Pilates and Lagree. I’m an instructor in Tampa Florida. We have many Pilates, studios, club, Pilates, knock, offs of club, Pilates, and Lagree. unfortunately the Lageee studio’s teachers sell themselves as Pilates instructors, and the consumers sometimes do not know the difference and end up getting hurt. I took a mega former class and realized it was a great work out, but not for me. Fortunately, with my injuries, I know how to modify, but the instructor never gave me or anyone else instruction on how to modify s certain exercises. Thank you again for a great discussion !
Cristina R
Being a previous teacher of the Lagree method I absolutely think both methods are wonderful. However, Lagree did used to use Pilates name for marketing. Also, there are movements that are in Lagree that are in the Pilates method. Now I will say I haven't taught Lagree/SLT since 2020 so it's possible that these movements may not be taught anymore. He also used exercise names like teaser for an oblique exercise. He now though is trying to differentiate completely by changing the names of the equipment, movements, and maybe even some exercises.
Nikki B
Loving the conversation. Thank you 
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