Overball Reformer Flow<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 5341

Overball Reformer Flow
Maria Leone
Class 5341

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Michael Mary S
Such a wonderful class.  Love the variety and creativity.  
Jill J
Loved this class so much but I was sad when it ended at 30 minutes and it’s a teeny bit hard to start another class beginning with footwork again.  Hoping you’ll add a few more longer classes.  Your classes are so fun!
Absolutely fantastic class!! Thank you so much.
Marithé Lessard
❤️ just perfect for the end of the day
Loved it! Loved the instability from the ball ❤️😂. Thank you 😊
Lisa C
Such a great class. My core thanks you!
Pacing was perfect! Cues were clear and simple
FANTASTIC! As always. Thanks Maria :)))
Sabina G
Super fun class!  Love the clear cues.  Thank you Maria!
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