Quick Full-Body Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 5333

Quick Full-Body Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 5333

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Kurtis E thank you so much for the suggestion.  I don't have a great deal of control over the planning process but that is certainly a great idea and one to keep in mind.
Michele M
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Another amazing practice including all my favorite exercises in just 30 minutes! Thank you Meredith!:D 
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Thank you!   Loved the clear cueing and overall body workout in a short class!  
Robin S
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only you can make 35 minutes feel like a 60 minute workout. A+ as always . thank you
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Thanks Meredith, beautiful class, feeling stretched, a great quick workout.
Robin S so sweet! Thank YOU.
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Wonderful class!! That was 35 minutes well spent, just what I needed! Thanks so much 🙏🏽💛
Mialy R an absolute pleasure!!
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