Energizing Arms<br>Mychele Sims<br>Class 5378

Energizing Arms
Mychele Sims
Class 5378

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Swimming with hand weights! You are SO strong! #goals Thank you Mychele
Thank you Mychele! I absolutely loved the different exercises in a slow pace - made me concentrate more! The massage for the lats was a killer! Need to do it more often! And of course it was so much fun to work out with you - your laugther and smile makes my day great! Have a lovely day ahead!
Love your energy, laughs, cueing and all! Thanks Mychele :))
You were not kidding when you said to do the arm section of the workout with lighter weights--after about 10 minutes I could definitely see why. Thank you for the good vibes and the lovely workout.
Jacquie W
Thank you, Mychelle! I love your sense of humour. 
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