Reformer for Ballet Dancers<br>Diane Diefenderfer<br>Class 5445

Reformer for Ballet Dancers
Diane Diefenderfer
Class 5445

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Thanks Diane and Laura! Feel terrific! The two versions of rowing biceps were nice, hadn’t seen the straight arms w flat back one, felt especially strengthening. So good to see you, hope you more coming!
Michele M
Beautiful practice and loved the dancer terminology with all the variations too!  Thank you both for sharing:D
Lauren S
So good! I loved the mention to engage the back leg in back control and check knee alignment- think it's important that the whole body is working / aware of that movement since it is super advanced exercise. I especially loved the incorporation of the jumpboard at the end!
Please more from this dynamic duo. They are so elegant and fun. I started my pilates career working with Diane at her studio in the late 90s and it gives me such pleasure to have these classes. -Jennifer Fraser
Anna H
Really enjoyed this class! Great method of cross training/strengthening for professional ballet dancers. I enjoyed the choreography throughout the workout, made it feel like a dance.
Isabella G
Love this ballet inspired reformer class! The extra reminders to avoid over turning out/track knees over toes were helpful as that comes up so often in dance. I really liked the extra leg and footwork exercises like the coupe/retire one and the jumpboard was a great addition as well.  
Emma M
Great class! I love all the ballet-inspired movement. The jump board at the end was especially fun and great for dancers. 
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