Get Moving Reformer<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 5427

Get Moving Reformer
Niedra Gabriel
Class 5427

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Svitlana V
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I love your thoughtful approach. 
I laughed when, in another course, you shared the story of a russian woman shouting at you during training. Sometimes, russian speech can sound rude to those who do not speak it )
Cindy L Ricalde
Thank you again💖👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 so fun 
Niedra Gabriel
Cindy L Ricalde and Svitlana V thanky ou for your comments.   Svitlana - I appreciate the russian temperament - I loved that teacher's way of teaching ! I changed everything even though she shouted ... Loved it. 
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Thank you Neidra, I loved all the long legged work and the MC really helped and challenged.
Niedra Gabriel
Julie V Thankyou for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the workout 
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I love this class! Your cuing assists me in making great connections. I have done this class many times because my body feels great afterwards 😎
Niedra Gabriel
Karen M Delighted to read your comment. Glad you feel so good from this workout .
Dita H
Incredible workout! Intensive and calm at the same time. It's a joy, thank you!
What a wonderful class. The standing spine stretch with 8 lb weights was a great way to stretch and strengthen my spine, like "standing push down", and helped me move through each segment in a novel way.  As a fellow hypermobile body, this was so helpful.  I love your classes, Niedra, and the thoughtful wisdom you share.
Really lovely! Thank you!
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