Advanced Arm & Back Reformer<br>Lesley Logan<br>Class 5455

Advanced Arm & Back Reformer
Lesley Logan
Class 5455

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Michele S
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Thanks so much! Your class was really enjoyable, informative and a fun challenge.
Robin S
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That was the best 35 minute I've spent on this app. Thank you for that fast paced efficient workout. It will totally be a go to for me 
Michele S yay! Sorry I just saw this! Thought I responded! So glad you liked it! xx~LL 
Robin S OMG my day is made! LOVED reading this! And so happy to hear you've got a go to workout!! xx~LL 
Colette C
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Great cues!! Love the class!
Colette C thanks!! So glad you enjoyed it! xx~LL 
Kate A
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wow!! that was amazing!
Kate A thank you!! So happy to hear this! Thanks for taking class with me :) xx~LL 
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