Powerful Aligned Reformer<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 5519

Powerful Aligned Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 5519

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Thank you so much....love the side plank series!  Can't wait to share.  Also appreciate your detailed description, esp springs used.
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lOVED it
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Magnificent class - just what my body needed on this rainy Tuesday morning!
Michael Mary S
As always, you offer some of the best classes, Sarah.  I really like the balance and addition of  eye movements.   Thank you.
Thank you Jennifer S!  Enjoy sharing.  :) 
Alejandra  Yippee!!
EvaMoves beautiful!  Love that this class delivered what you needed. :)
Thank you Thank you Michael Mary S!  Yes to eye movements. Absolutely love feeling how the short in gaze can change the feel.  Take care:)
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I love how just making small adjustments to familiar moves changes the feeling of the exercises in profound ways. The eye movements during footwork was a literal eye opener. Thank you for this class. I will revisit this again and again. 
Love Love love Lacey !  Yes. making a very small change can be so powerful.  Great for the brain.  Take care:) 
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