Creative Cadillac Variations<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 568

Creative Cadillac Variations
Cecile Bankston
Class 568

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I am looking forwrd to trying the moves out on myself, then a few with my students! Thanks so much Ms. Bankston!
Ms Bankston, I loved your reformer class, I love the Kathy Corey influences (love her)and NOW your cadillac work is just the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Thank you!
Thanks Guys. I just spent the last week with Kathy Corey creating new programs...such an inspiration, and of course some new ideas that you will no doubt see on PA from one of us!

What about that last exercise. The neck was unsupported and unsafely loading the spine. I think there was too much unsupported flexion.
Hi Jeannene. You can certainly modify the excercise to not flex the spine so far forward. This particular person is both extremely strong and flexible therefore she was able to get into that position while still keeping her abdominals pulled in and up so her spine is actually supported. She has no history of neck injury and I was supporting the bar in order to lighten the load so to speak. I think if you were to see this exercise done by someone who was not quite as flexible as this person, it would basically look like a spine stretch with the arms in a different position. The head and neck should always be in line with the spine to avoid risk of injury, so perhaps she could have had her head a little more in line with her spine as well. And of course as with any exercise, it totally depends on your client and their strength, experience, and history of injury. Hope this helps!
Really excellent sequence. Nice variations and great cueing. I learn so much from you, as a teacher and student.
Yes great class, and what a great student too! She moved beautifully. Thanks for the variations with roll down bar.
Hi all, coming back in May p,ease tell me what you are interested I seeing from me!
Uauuu!! Very Great movement!!! 🤩
Marci C
Awesome class. Thank you!!! :)
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