Back to Basics Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 602

Back to Basics Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 602

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Welcome Ann! Let's us know what you think as you start taking classes.
Welcome Ann! Thanks so much ladies.
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Thanx Meredith. This was wonderful. Loved evry bit of it. Will definitely use some tips in my class.
Thank you Leonard!
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As someone whose teacher made us watch (and write an essay) on The Karate Kid after our first weekend of teacher training...I VERY much appreciated this class! The movements are so mindful and deep. I have always enjoyed magic circle work...but these movements are each so innovative and new to me. Thanks for making me feel mentally and physically refreshed!
Thank you Patricia...what lovely compliments.
Meri, such a wonderful class! I am doing this after a few almost sleepless nights (baby-girl is upset and can't sleep.
This one calmed me so much, both the exercised and your distinct style: clear, soothing, and caring. You made my day.
And I discovered something: I really need to work on my push-ups but putting the handle under my sternum is just to painful for me. I played around a bit and realized two variations that allow me to use the ring without pain. The first is to put just the ring itself, which is of a pretty soft material, and not the handle , under the rips. And the second is to actually put the ring under me horizontally, and not vertically. Then even the handle doesn't hurt.
Thanks so much!
Thank you for your sweet words, Viola, and for taking class with me. You made MY day. Also, thank you for sharing your techniques for making the ring more comfortable. Your advice may be relevant to others and is gratefully appreciated!
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Great one, Meredith! Loved working on the Basics with the circle and I also worked up quite a sweat! :)
Thanks for going back into the archives for this one Julia R and glad you enjoyed it!
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