Mat Basics<br>Adrianne Crawford<br>Class 36

Mat Basics
Adrianne Crawford
Class 36

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Very good clas, very didactic and clear.
Thank you! Glad it helped
Some of the exercises here are reallly hard for a times I felt like I was trying to do something impossible! I wonder if my body and mind will ever be able to do this!
Hi Maria-Teresa, thank you for watching. This particular class is very hard because it is so focused. The pace being slower makes the exercise that much more conscious and the progression of the exercises gets harder. The idea is to take pieces of these exercises, the one's you do well and work on them. If you want you can check out class #705 of mine. I think the pace alone may make a difference for you or you can seek out Monica Wilson's Matt progression series; But don't get discouraged these are exercises for a reason! Thanks again for watching and if I can help at all please let me know
I think this is great - I'm trying to learn how to teach like this - breaking things down and not being in a rush to do the full exercise leads to deeper understanding And connection- question... Do you make a plan for your class? How do you decide sequencing and how to progress.
Really good beginner class but think beginner student would have made it better to avoid common pitfalls
Natalie P
I did not like this class. There was not enough warm up movements to execute exercises, and too many advanced movements for a level 1 beginner. She did not guide the viewer on the breathe enough.
This has me sweating more than any other advanced class. The attention to the details are always what get me physically and mentally stimulated to work deeper, not harder!
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