Overball Tactile Feedback<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 644

Overball Tactile Feedback
Kristi Cooper
Class 644

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Welcome to Pilates Anytime Tania! I took Lesley Bender's "Bender Ball" class years ago and really enjoyed it. I'm glad you enjoyed this one from me.
Kristi, absolutely enjoyed this class. Loads of ideas to take to my own mat classes. Killed my obliques and hamstrings! Always enjoy your classes and cueing.
Thank you Silvan!
Those abs in the beginning were amazing! Awesome class!
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Bellissimo! thank you Kristi , complimenti !
Thank you Elena!
Well deserved reward for searching to see if there was a Kristi taught overball ball class I had missed. After taking just about all the overball classes on the site there was STILL some options offered during this class I had never done. And forward stretch with goal of head on the ball worked very well for me since I still haven't gotten my head to the floor. This provided a way of measuring progress since I at least touched something on the way towards the eventual goal.
Ted C
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Amazing! My first class using a ball. It was excellent. You’re such a fun teacher. Love you!
Ted Thank you so much! I love the ball too! Might have to teach with it next week when I'm with Meredith Rogers! 
Great class, went by fast! The overball classes are my favorite!!
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