Pilates Hands On Workshop<br>Jennifer Kries<br>Workshop 624

Pilates Hands On Workshop
Jennifer Kries
Workshop 624

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Thank you so much for your very kind and sensitive comment. :)
Loved sharing the love! :))) And you are most welcome ... more to come.
Dear Jennifer, why arent you on Pilatesology?!? And why there are no free of charge workshops?
Ewa I can't answer the first question (perhaps ask Pilatesology?), but we do have "free of charge workshops." You can find them HERE.
Uppss ... Jennifer is and always has been on Pilatesology; my mistake! Thank you for the link to the workshops, Kristi; the one by Rael Isakovitz is a must:)
The notes are not downloading.  Are they still available?   I just purchased this workshop and would like the notes to follow along with. 
Thank you! 
Steffeny ~ I'm sorry that the notes are not working. I have looked through our records and cannot find another version. I will continue to look and I will send them to you directly if I can find them. I'm sorry for this inconvenience but hope that you enjoy this workshop.
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