Spinal Flexion Tower<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 666

Spinal Flexion Tower
Meredith Rogers
Class 666

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That was a great fluid workout!
Thanks so much Sunny!
And Maro, I believe that you are right...we do need more BASI tower classes. I'll see what I can do... ;)
Thanks Meredith!
Loved the flow and the spring work with the hundreds
The knee to chest with the push thru bar was fun too!
Judy George
Thank YOU Judy!!
Christina F
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Great class! Loved the BASI blocks with tower. Please do another! :)
Thanks, Christina. Another coming very soon. Watch for it! :)
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Enjoyed this class very much today. Would you say this covers all tower essentials?  If not can you direct me to a “tower essentials” class of yours?  I’m more familiar with the basics on reformer so want  become more familiar with what constitutes a basic tower class.  Thanks!  Hope you are well.
Lori I would say that this definitely covers the "tower essentials".  I am well and hope you are too.
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