Tour of your Body<br>Brent Anderson<br>Class 667

Tour of your Body
Brent Anderson
Class 667

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Very nice class; I feel much more grounded than when I was starting one hour ago. Thanks, Brent, for all the helpful imagery.
Gregory G
Great incorporation of Imagery for a detailed workout and the more I repeat it the more I understand and recieve the benefits.
Joanna T
A lovely meditation indeed. Thank you!
Thank you Joanna.  I appreciate your feedback and wish you a blessed week.
Been studying the Polestar method for a year now but felt like I discovered many new aspects to the familiar exercises as if I'm doing them for the first time! Enjoyed the "meditative" aspects at the end as well.
I don´t like this pilates trainning, too much talk and not to much work...other classes at level 2 are more challenging. Not for me...
Gaspar ~ Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you did not enjoy this class. We are happy to help you find other classes that may suit your needs better. Please email us at and we can give you recommendations.
Hi Gaspar, thank you for your feedback.  Sometimes in education we bring attention to the more finer details of the movement instruction.  I hope you will come back in the future and give another try.  Language challenges can also make certain classes more user friendly.  Good luck!
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Hi Brent, of couse I will come back! And take one of your workhops too. It's just one class, my first class with you and I don't want to miss your great knowledge about Pilates. 
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