Pilates for Men<br>Kevin Bowen<br>Tutorial 1018

Pilates for Men
Kevin Bowen
Tutorial 1018

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Sherry S
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Thanks Kevin! Great way to get the guy's moving! .....Sherry
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Thanks, Kevin! Loved the modifications/progressions for the guys. Can of course apply to all clients as an introduction to the equipment. Carrie
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Very nice...now we just need more men.
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Thank you, I really like your approach and have used it on my male clients. Is it possible to do an intermediate reformer class for men? Thanks again!
Melanie~ Kevin taught a Reformer Class while he was with us that may suit your needs. Click here to go to that class.
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Thank you Kevin! What great movements to introduce men to Pilates. Very useful. Great to learn from you again!
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Thanks Kevin. Always looking for more tips on Stretches for men. Also great for older women who are apprehensive about standing on Reformer for elephantetc.. Loved the mermaid option!
Krista O.
Great tips that I plan to use. I can appreciate your comment that men (and actually quite a few women clients) like to know the purpose and effect of an exercise.
I really liked these variations. I work with a lot of rehab clients and these will fit in very well!
Emma Jane
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So helpful! Thanks!
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