Strengthen and Stretch<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1020

Strengthen and Stretch
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1020

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Raymond Harris
Yet again Neidra, I loved your class. Your a fun teacher and always seem to be having such a wonderful time as you instruct. A joy to watch! Thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Raymond - I love your photo !
you are quite the champion, you must have been incredible when you competed.
Effective cues and positive energy! it!
Niedra Gabriel
Great Kelly - glad you liked it, I see you are a teacher trainer for Power Pilates so we both have shared back ground - i used to be a trainer for Power as well. Best of the best to you.
You are adorable and hilarious! Great class, challenging and fun. However, it would be helpful to have spring translation to balanced body reformers.
Niedra Gabriel
That is an interesting suggestion Casey - I will need to think about this, I am not as familiar with Balanced BOdy reformers and when I teach or work out on them it takes some testing on my part to figure out what tension works for me. I may just do a study and sort out details for a session .
Great class! Some new moves I haven't seen before. Wonderful energy!! Loved it!
Niedra Gabriel
That's great Michelle, enjoy.
Niedra Gabriel, as you said at the end of the class, I had a great time! empowering and stretching class. Nice balanced work! I do love it. I will repeat for sure, thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for your post Judit, you look amazing in your photos - I looked at your website and saw it was all in spanish, and you live in the UK? I suspect there is more to you than I know.... wishing you much success in all areana's
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