2nd Trimester Mat<br>Carolyne S.<br>Class 1044

2nd Trimester Mat
Carolyne S.
Class 1044

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Thank you Carolyne. This was wonderful. My daughter in law and client is due w/our grandson in July. This is just what we need.
Thank you Denee! Congratulations on your grandson :)
This was a really good class! I teach prenatal yoga & pilates. I love using the ball with my class since it is very effective for labor. I will watch your other video soon. Thank you! I think your doula experience really helps!
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Great class! Come back and do a prenatal reformer soon please!
Muchas gracias! Preciosa clase.
Hi there
I thought lying supine was contraindicated after 16 weeks? Am I wrong?
Felt so amazing after this class!!!
Lovely. Some of the hamstring/glute stretches will be "ambitious" for the women I work with but are sooo vital for creating balance and strength in the body. I fell asleep right on my mat after the progressive relaxation!
Zhanna S
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Great workout for seniors too!
Savannah H.
what size stability ball are you all using here? 
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