Foam Roller Basics<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 1074

Foam Roller Basics
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1074

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Sue S
Rael Isacowitz I really enjoyed this class. I love the foam roller, but mine seems rather firm. I was interested to hear that they are inexpensive and easy to get in the USA. I am based in the UK and I have wanted to purchase a second, softer one but the cost is frankly ridiculous. Is there another industry that use this product where I can look for a softer foam roller? Any advice appreciated.
Sue, I am afraid I cannot offer you any advice. I am surprised foam rollers are expensive in the UK. Possibly through Amazon? There are so many inexpensive choices here in the USA. I hope you find a solution. Saying that I actually like them firm like the one you have.
Cheryl Z
very nice way to start the day excellent class. What a beautiful studio.
Cheryl, thank you so much!
Janie J
great stretch workout using the roller 
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