Mat for Men<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 1077

Mat for Men
Cecile Bankston
Class 1077

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Thank you, Cecile - some good food for thought there with your variations, as well as a solid workout.
So glad you liked it! It was fun to create and I am able to do this one myself even though it is geared to men.
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Definitely sharing this one...only wish my thighs stretch & push-ups were as solid! Thank you
Thank you! I agree my push ups aren't nearly as solid and effortless as TY's that's why he is doing the demonstrating!!!
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Outstanding. Loved some of the variations. Thank you all!
Love the scapula squeeze in the press up series. Nice job :)
Everything you do, Cecile! Is Gold!
Karen M
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Thank you so much, what a great class!!
Florence P
Great workout for Men or anyone expecting some challenges. I like the fact you don't spend too much time in the same stretch, & you move on to the next one, or next variation... quickly. Even though I am a woman, I had fun to do it, except the push ups series which is very hard I love your classes i general & I like to hear your accent too which is very relaxing! Thank you
Thank you florence! I, like you enjoy this class even though I am a woman,and yes, the push up series is really hard, but it gives me something to work toward!
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