Interval Jumping Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1079

Interval Jumping Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 1079

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Thanks Susan!
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What an amazing workout with a beautiful FLOW! I love the Pike/Plank series!
Thank you, Loralee, for your beautiful words.
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Loved the pikes and planks with no springs! Thanks!
Love this class!
Thanks girls!!
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It's incredible, every time I take one of your classes, Meredith, I end it with a strong urge to run up to you and give you a sweaty-ol'-hug, saying: "Thank you! You're the best!"
Every class with you feels like a gift. You are marvelous, and your instructing serves as a constant reminder for why I love Pilates as much as I do.
Thank you, Meredith, really. Keep being the best of the best.
Miss Emma G,
I WANT a big sweaty hug from you!!! Thank you for your lovely words and encouraging feedback. These comments come up in my email as well and I saved this one to read again and again. You are AWESOME!!
Just what I needed, between teaching and sleeping:) I'm now full of energy to start my day and be moving computably in space. Thanks !
Thats awesome, Meirav! Thanks for sharing.
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