Interval Jumping Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1079

Interval Jumping Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 1079

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Great to hear Erin Elizabeth!!
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Great workout, thank you Meredith.  A gentle warning to others who may have a tall  jumpboard (such as for the BB Allegro):  you might want to do the initial no-springs box exercises on the floor instead of on the reformer, or risk hitting your head.   (The remaining box exercises are fine.)
Thanks Patricia!!
Linnéa S
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What an amazing class Meredith! Thank you so much, just love your classes. Makes me feel strong, challenged and inspired. Those no springs pikes, Whew 😅👌🏻
Linnéa thank you so much!  I've forgotten about those no springs pikes!! I should start doing them again.
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New fave for busy days !
Emma W Hooray!!  It's tough but it's over quickly!!
Karen S
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Thank you for this quick workout practice, I was able to steal away for a few minutes and get a great workout.  Perfecto!
Karen S self care is SO important...thanks for sharing yours with me.

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