Mat/Barre Fusion<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 1080

Mat/Barre Fusion
Cecile Bankston
Class 1080

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I am not a dancer myself but I love these movements, they feel so elegant and I get a good workout. Thank you.
Hey Cecile! Im doing your matt/barre series. Its so enjoyable, especially after an hour of reformer! Best part of my day!
Loved this class, thanks Cecile!
Nice Class. Thanks Cecile:) 
I love ALL of your classes Cecile. They are simply fabulous. You are a phenominal teacher and bring a beautiful lightness and encouragement to all participants.
When I first attempted this class in late 2020 I gave up about 10 minutes in (if I even lasted that long!). It is incredibly empowering to have conquered it today after a year + of other barre work. Thank you for creating a milestone for me!
I took the first one about a month ago and took this one today- really great class and fun to mix up the routine- thank you!!
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