Foam Roller Control<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 1085

Foam Roller Control
Cecile Bankston
Class 1085

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I just did this class after Cecile"s theraband class. Wow! I feel amazing and so stretched out. This was a hard class and at first I didn't think I could do it as I rolled off my roller the very first exercise but I hung in there with the boys and had a great workout. Thank you again Cecile for another great, challenging class with beautiful flow:)
Thanks Ann Marie for all of your great feedback on my classes this week! Believe me I know how you felt...when I first started working on this class, it took me a few times to figure out how to stay balanced on the roller, and also in a few sections, where to put my elbows or knees or shins that I could roll correctly, but eventually I got it, so just keep at it, and before long you will be fine!
Super class! love the short spine, great for clients who sacral sit :) big YES to the tendon stretch.... GREAT WORK
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Loved it! Thanks. Great for all! Both men were terrific!
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Just took this class for the first time. The flow is nice, great for an after class stretch out.
wow, thought I would review this before giving it a try. This is some tough workout. Sweating just watching it! Those guys deserve a cold drink after that workout. Well done.
oh my god!! don't know if I even gonna try!! seems so hard looking at those guys! but very nice class to look at.
Great material and assisted stretches. So many people need foam rollers in their lives! : )
Thank you.
Beautifully put together, thank you i really enjoyed it. Infact I was wishing it went for longer. So i guess i will do it again!
Joyce Dev
Cecile thank you for another fabulous foam roller workout. I always enjoy your classes, your sense of humor and teaching style. Thank you for these innovative exercises. I teach a props class and the ladies in my class always enjoy the roller. I'm sure they will like an added twist on the classic exercises. Would love to see more of your classes!
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