Pilates For Men<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Workshop 1091

Pilates For Men
Rael Isacowitz
Workshop 1091

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Melissa thank you for watching this workshop. Of course I am biased but I really feel it is such a pertinent topic. I am totally tied up right now after having just returned from a teaching trip in Europe. But I will try find them (cannot promise that I will) over the next few days. Send me your email address to send them to, if I do locate them.
This workshop was great! Over the last 6 months I have acquired 3 men clients. One is an elite cyclist, one a former Olympic power lifter and one a recreational golfer. All 3 are hooked and are beginning to realize the benefits! And although all three have very different sports they all agree that their core has never been stronger. Loved hearing you touch on the importance of the push-up...is not the strength but the stabilization, the alignment, the focus. So many of these exercises are going to be so helpful to me and to them. I can’t thank you enough. I do have one question, one of the questions on the quiz was “ when doing side over with leg extension on the wunda chair which gluteal muscles are being recruitedl. I chose the medius but the answer was incorrect, so would it be the Maximus? Oh and I must get one of those Avalon barrels. Thank you again !
Connie I am so happy you found the workshop useful and informative. Congratulations on your success with these high-level athletes. As for the answer to the question, if it is the side over (side stretch) on the Wunda Chair as we teach in in our comprehensive course, then you are correct, it is the gluteus medius. However it may have been a variation using a hip extension. Hip extension relies largely on the gluteus Maximus. Sorry I cannot remember exactly. But again, if it is the side over (lateral flexion) with hip abduction it would be the gluteus medius. Sorry for the confusion. All the best.
Great workshop! Lots of new material that I will be able to use with my male clients.
Thank you Claudia, good luck with your male clients - please work them hard and keep them inspired - we need more men in the community!
Thank you soooooo very much Rael! I could watch forever!
Barbara, I appreciate your feedback. Thank you!
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