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Modify and Challenge Tutorial
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Thank you Portia and Lizbeth for this very informative tutorial demonstrating the different levels of each exercise. I teach many mat classes that are "all level" and as an instructor teaching and demonstrating these different levels while keeping a constant flow of the class - is a challenge as well. Beautifully done!!
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Loved this. So clear. Thanks both.
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A very useful "class" as few books give you enough modifications. We need more like this on the website please!
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Thanks! Seeing modifications is so beneficial. Good reminders!
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Who wouldn´t want to try all of these versions under the direction of Portia with her engaging personality coupled with concise and explicit instructions? Thank you!

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Very nice tutorial thanks both of you so much.
What do you think about side plank postition or plank pose generaly and hyperextending elbows. Is it there any tip to awoid it? Thanks Markéta
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Thank you everyone for your positive feedback, I'm so happy that this information is useful to you!
Marketa, in regards to people who tend to hyperextend their elbows, try getting them to engage their upper arms (especially the triceps). Follow up with tactical feedback by manually cueing the Serratus to wrap & support, guiding them to push the floor away. If they are still hyperextend, then try modifying by placing them in a hover (bend the elbows, place the elbows & forearms on the floor, elbows under under the shoulders). This is a good modification for side plank also.
Yeong Cheol C
good exercise
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So nice to see modifications in both directions. I find challenging the more advanced students in a mixed class is always a challenge for ME! Thank you for the ideas.
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fantastic! agree with Colleen more like this please. Beautifully taught and demonstrated, instructions very clear, thank you.
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