Quick Mat Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1099

Quick Mat Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 1099

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Wow. That was fast and challenging! SO glad to find these 20 minute speed workouts!
Thank you Kandie!
Thanks Kristi- loved this quick blast especially the standing swimming at the end. 
Pow! Love it.
Hi Kristi Cooper  I have a doubt about the mat, what is the right size and thickness of a mat? Thank you so much for all your great classes! 🙏
Lisa V
That was amazing, great energy. Thank you!
Kristi Cooper took this class for the fifth (?) time as part of my “wick classes” playlist…..now that life is returning more to pre COVID schedules it’s harder to find the time for my queue playlist to try out classes 45-60 minutes….would love to see more classes filmed that are short effective and sweat mat classes with or without props! 
Kerry H Thank you so much for returning to this class so often! I really appreciate your comment and I can relate to wanting more short and effective classes too. We will all keep it in mind as we plan out our schedule. Thanks again! 
Sometimes these short little challenges are all I can do. But I still do something! And it feels great.
Thanks Kristi, that was a fun add-on to a 30-min class!
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