Successful Cueing<br>Leah Stewart<br>Workshop 1116

Successful Cueing
Leah Stewart
Workshop 1116

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Such wonderful and informative feedback Kristina. Thank you for sharing both your expertise and your feedback regarding this workshop topic.
When you were talking about the noise:
In my own practice, especially when learning something new or challenging, I tend to comment, sometimes it is functional in order to get clarification, sometimes is my excitement "wohooo, this is fun". There is 1 instructor who's classes I really like but that gives me odd looks when I say something other than "how do I do this" or "where should be this". Makes me feel like i'm doing something wrong for having fun and expressing it. So I guess this is where her noise becomes mine. I feel like coming up to her saying "hey, this is a kind of feedback, too, and a good one"
2. in some of the classes I have to teach 1 student who's energy I particularly don't like, and it gets particularly uncomfortable when I have to correct her-which is most of the time, so I tried verbally cueing the whole class
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And about my personal noise: how do you cue a client who's energy just clashes with your own, so there is always like a tension in the air, and then they are out of alignment quite often, convinced they are doing it right? If I cue the whole class, they don't realize it's them, if I come and fix them physically, they think it is JUST them. I would suggest a private session (with another teacher:) but the person claims she has been practicing for many years and knows what she's doing. Any tips on how to overcome this?
Annie G
I'm a pilates instructor student and this work shop though me a lot. I will certainly take some informations and added them to my own practice

First, my deepest apologies for the late reply, and thank you so much for your great thoughts on the workshop. I really appreciate your comments.

In many workshops and courses I teach I really try and create an opportunity and environment where Pilates professionals are given the tools (not just the answers like you said) to really implement what we are discussing. It's like the Chinese proverb: "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, and feed him for a lifetime."

I am very happy that you enjoyed the workshop

In reference to your personal noise. Yes, as Pilates teachers, we can all relate to working with a client that is not receptive to helpful guidance and correction. Giving a general group cue is one helpful approach. I would also encourage you to discuss with your classes as a whole the idea that Pilates is a continual progression, and that we can practitioners are constantly striving to improve, delve deeper into understanding and experiencing the work and letting the work guide us through the changes in our lives and bodies. Hopefully, your client will listen and hear that once he/she "gets" an exercise, that's only the beginning, there is always more work that can be done.

Let me know if this helps.
Hi i saw the notes that you have and so does the participants. Is it possible to share since i pay for the this workshop?

Sorry, thought the notes will be good for me to keep.
Nadhrah - yes, I believe you should be able to download the notes, but I'm not 100% since I do not handle the admin on PA. Please contact Gia at PA (I think that she would be the person you would want to speak to). If you can not get access to notes from PA, please email me personally and I can email you a PDF.

Thank you so much for taking the workshop!!
Nadhrah ~ Leah's wonderfully detailed notes are now available for download in the description.
I was so glad to see this workshop and it's given me some new keywords for my cueing vocabulary. When you go through your Pilates teacher training, for obvious reasons there is a lot of focus on the exercises and there is hardly any mention of soft skills at all. We improve through our teaching experiences but I do wish there was more focus on soft skills in general since they without them we can't relay the key points to clients efficiently.
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