Fitness Ball Challenge<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 1124

Fitness Ball Challenge
Meredith Rogers
Class 1124

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Thank you Meredith! Beautiful class as always!!
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Eager awaiting Part TWO! This was wonderful after an uphill hike. Probably would be great before an uphill hike too. lol
Thanks you two! Always great to hear from people I love :)
Jodi B
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Haven't used ball in class in awhile, thanks for some great new exercises, I'm re-inspired!
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More extension would have been nice since we did nearly 25 min of intense flexing forwards. Part one of what?
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Always excited to find a class from you. Best ball class I've experienced!
Thanks for your comments everyone!
Pele and Joni and all interested parties,

This class was filmed in two segments: a ball class on the mat as well as a seated arm work routine. I had hoped that they would be released together so that they could be done as one long class or two shorter ones.

The second class is now included with a link under the first for your enjoyment :)

Pele, if my memory serves me correctly, the second class has much more upper back and extension opportunities.

Thanks for taking class with me!
Sorry for the confusion Meri and ...
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Love this class! Love your cues! Thanks Meredith!
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