Beginner to Intermediate
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1151

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As a pilates instructor I loved this class which really gave some great instruction on taking the beginners to that next level--thank you so much!! It definitely improved my own technique as well!
Thank you all, I am realizing this type of class is very useful, so thanks to your comments I will do a few more like this, with detailed instructions on how to approach technique and your own needs.
Thank you Niedra! I loved this class! I took notes, and will use your wonderful cueing and modifications. I am looking forward to more!
Good good good! I think I gonna "steal" some of it when i take my exam this fall.........

Thank you!
Love how helpful this class is to you all - I will do more like this.
Gosh, now I am even become cliff notes for Tine? stealing for exams? I am laughing here, good luck with your exams, you cna use anytihng I do.... and just pass that exam!
Then after teaching for 2 years you will start being a teacher - take a deep breath and jump in!
Love it Niedra! Thank you so much, what a gifted teacher you are. I have been studying "with" you for over a year now, and it has helped me tremendously in my work as a nurse in terms of keeping myself strong and not hurting my back as I do a lot of lifting. So glad you are now offering an intermediate series. I am 48 and my core muscles are stronger than they've ever been and I am well into conquering my lifelong slouching problem!
Dear Lynn, how happy I am reading your comment, that is trully food for my soul. Hearing that these classes are helping you, somewhere out there in the world, is so amazing and wonderful.
wow is much more challenging and detailed compared to beginner series. But I couldn't find the third one. is this series only two lessons? Thank you Niedra :)
HI Ipek, To be honest I don't label the classes and I am not sure how they have been categorized so if number 3 is missing, this needs to be sorted out.
I did not create an exact sequence with these films after I realized progressing people at Intermediate and advanced is more complicated. Some people will never move beyond beginner and some will fly on — it really depends on the physical ability and time put into training. I am going to relook at what I have done here and see what I consider missing as an educational tool. Thank you for pointing this out.
Beautifully instructive. Thanks a lot, Niedra :)
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