Full-Body Theraband
Meredith Rogers
Class 1155

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Muchas gracias por esta clase, maravillosa!!
Muchas gracias Trinidad!
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Meredith, simplistic but so effect! I got a lot of ideas to teach my ladies this weekend and feel like a million dollars myself. Cheers from my living room in Japan.
Thank you Candace!
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Great class. Thank you so much!
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Thank you Meredith, watching you is always inspiring!!!!
Thank you my sweet Ilaria! Love you and hoping to see you soon.
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I find that I like all of Meredith's classes. She is able to keep the class informed at an advanced pace while demonstrating the movements in an easy to follow manner. I really enjoyed this class and I know my shoulder's will truly feel this workout tomorrow (that's a good thing)!
Thank you Dawn. I hope your shoulders are happy!
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I compliment you on being able to cue the student into their own body deeper. As well as the attention to creating space between the hips and ribs. Bravo!
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