Deepen your Abdominals
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1156

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Thanks great second installment.
Niedra, I loved this class! Will definately use a lot of it in my next class for my beginners! I just wish I could mimic all your cues! They are great! I can tell how much the class is improving! they are doing fantastic! I like the "lengthing" of the neck throughout the class! Thank you!
Fantastic class Niedra thanks!
Is there an intermediate 3 thru 10?
The progress of beginner 1-10 has helped me. As did interm 1-2. But where is #3-10?
Niedra, like your classes, please reply. Thanks
Also, is it possible to do a spine corrector class with a ball?
Shel ~ Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you liked these classes. At the moment, there is only #1 and 2. Hopefully, Niedra or any of the other instructors can do more classes like these because they are very useful.
HI Shel, first, thank you for your comments. I will give some thought to progressing the intermediate classes, it is more complicated than the beginner series but I like the challenge and will see if I can put a progressive program together for this.
Please do give me more clarity as to what you mean by spine corrector with a ball? I am not sure what you are referring to.
Hi Neidra,
Thank you for your email response. I particularly like your classes because you are clear on instruction, And you keep the class moving. I feel like i am part of your group, progressing to new levels. I would love to stay with your group and keep developing with proper form. On that note, i took class #870 today and was able to hold the modified teaser. That felt GREAT! When i started December 1st, i could not do a single roll up.
Regarding my request for "Spine Corrector class with the ball": for those of us taking class via the web, a ball is far less costly and bulky / heavey to keep in our homes. Would it be possible to offer a class utilizing the ball to stretch, strengthen, and release our back and stomach muscles? Can the ball also be used to develop a stronger center line? Just a thought. I haven't seen any ball classes on Pilates Anytime. Are there any?
Thanks again, you are a terrific instructor!
Hi Shel,
this is indeed a thought provoking concept I need to play around with - spine corrector on the ball. I totally understand the need to adapt material so students without equipment can benefit. I support this whole heartedly.
I will need to experiment with the ball ( I presume you mean one of those big balls) and see what adaptations I can create to share with you all.
It won't be " classical style" as there were no balls in Joe Pilates's time, but of course there is "Pilates inspired creativity…"
I am filming again in January so I will see what I can do.
Happy New year to you and all PA members.
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