Developing Your Eye<br>Ruth Alpert<br>Workshop 1166

Developing Your Eye
Ruth Alpert
Workshop 1166

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Thank You Kristi! You are very generous.
Do You know if i can Getafe it herme in MexicO?
Dear Ruth,

I love the workshop it opend my eyes for few things. I have a question though, in the last part of the workshop you were playing with the girls spine, how can I do it with someone who have no ponny but short head... Sorry for the language I'm Polish :)

I agree with Lauren, I'd love to hear more with this subject.
Hi Anna,
I lucked out, by chance she had a pony tail! Usually people don't, so I tell my client to picture it in their mind, and at the same time I gently take whatever hair they have at that spot and indicate the line of movement as if there was a full pony tail. If your client has no hair at all (chemo, shaved head, etc) then probably best to use a different image: perhaps a hat sliding up the back of their head. Another great way to get the point across is lying on the floor, let your client's head make a tiny nod down (the bottom part of "yes") without their head leaving the floor. Or, just go to the anatomical action, of the occipital condyles sliding backwards on the C-1 facets. I just found this wonderful, simple youtube of it which you could show your clients: //

Let me know if you have any other questions,
Thank you very much Ruth, it's clear now :)
Have a lovely day
How do I get the video to begin?
Whats the secret to keeping the video going? It stomps after each segment...
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Jane ~ The video stops after each chapter. This makes it easier to find where you left off if you can't watch the entire workshop in one sitting. If it is stopping during the chapter, I recommend restarting your computer to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have problems with the video stopping, you can email us at for more options.
Saleha S
Hi Ruth,
Thank you for the wonderful workshop! I'm a closet non roll up Pilates Instructor... Lol... I have very pronounced lordosis in the lumbar region so I can't do a roll up or rolling for that matter but I'm motivated now to try it with using the prop you did.
Thanks again for the fun workshop
Saleha - thanks for your comments - let me know how you progress. Am curious now to get your feedback if using towels (you might need 2) helps or doesn't make a difference....
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This was a great workshop ....loved the images and the stories....workshops like these are so helpfull on the way from instructor to teacher!! And many thanks Ruth for keeping the price so reasonable!!!
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